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Tim Town, a serial Entrepreneur and started his journey at the age of 27 married with three young kids at the time, leaving a fortune 500 financial firm as a licensed securities dealer. "I just was not happy and knew I am working someone else's dream, not mine.

My true calling was to help people and make an impact with business owners." Town worked for a consulting business turnaround firm and within two years took the company over, he changed the name and soon was able to build it into a very successful business within the very first year.

After 20+ years Town decided to train and be able to teach his knowledge of negotiations and soon taught at the Loss-Mitigation Institute were Town was training over 2,000 students at the time. "I knew, online was the best way to impact one-on-many instead of the one-on-one normal strategy. At that point the online systems began.

First venture was HostFoxx an online hosting company that kept his clients private that needed privacy. Since then, Town has created online products known as Software-As-a -Service or SaaS Systems, such as EmbedLocker, LynkBoard and online training systems as well as many other programs and most recently LynkBoss.


Learn real-life business techniques and strategies plus interviews with today's top entrepreneurs by your host, Tim Town. Town is a systems and product creator. Listen to the latest podcast now!

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Get coaching Either one-on-one or in a group setting and get unstuck. Be part of the coaching community where you get priceless feedback along with advice to help you on your journey.

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Here is where all the latest projects and products that are offered by Tim or other trainers. Learn more by clicking the link.

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Online Coaching

Get One-On-One Coaching with Tim and or one of his trained coaches. If you are stuck and need direction or having a hard time getting your product or knowledge out to the world. The Town Method Coaching Program is designed to get you where you want to go, faster. 

The Podcast

TheBizRoom Podcast

The Biz Room Podcast is hosted by Entrepreneur and Systems Creator Tim Town. Today, you can be anywhere and have an online business. There are many trainers and coaches that tell you, you must scale or you will fail. What if you do not want a LARGE company and thousands of employees? What if the thought of being responsible for the success of those that are counting on you? Can it be possible to create a 7 figure business on a very small footprint? The answer is yes! Tim interviews entrepreneurs that are building amazing businesses but remain small.. Learn more!


Upcoming ONLINE Courses & Events

Learn how to build a LEAN ONLINE BUSINESS that allows you to build your future and legacy. LynkBoss is a online course that helps and guides you throughout the creation of your online business. Need Momentum in your life and business? Momentum Strategies by The Town Method teaches you how to gain clarity and focus, living your best day and making the most practical use of your days and weeks. 


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No matter where you are in your entrepreneur career we have programs and services designed to help you along the way. Each program and service was designed to help me and then became a product for my clients.

There are so many "tools" out there that actually confuse or overwhelm most, I knew there had to be a better way. The 3 top keys to success are,

1 Have a good idea

2. Get the idea to the world.

3. Stay in motion and be consistent

Our programs are all designed to help you around those three keys.

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Saved Our Business!

My business partner and I were referred to Tim by my attorney to help our struggling restaurant. His recommendations changed everything. I would highly recommend his company.

- J. Travis